Founder & Creative Director - Lee A. Chung



To grow our brand into a house name that is known for its quality and affordable bespoke jewelry. 


Our Story

Hesperus Fine Jewelry is a new venture, pioneered by a small family with over ten years of experience designing and manufacturing fine jewelry. Originally from Guyana, South America but now operating out of Phoenix, Arizona.

We were avid fine jewelry and diamond collectors who later transcended into the jewelry-making industry. The love for fine jewelry runs deep in our blood, but the exorbitant prices and unethical markups led us to create Hesperus Fine Jewelry. The business was founded and is currently spearheaded by our Creative Director, Lee Chung.

Hesperus Fine Jewelry is unlike most online jewelry businesses, everything we sell, has been crafted in our studio. We utilize both modern and traditional jewelry-making techniques in order to provide customers with exactly what their hearts desire. What does this mean? We offer both handmade and CAD-designed jewelry. The jewelry industry has evolved, and unfortunately, even the most skilled artisans struggle to compete with today's technology. But at Hesperus Fine Jewelry, our young and passionate Creative Director was able to successfully merge traditional jewelry-making techniques with the most advanced Jewelry CAD software to create some astonishing jewelry designs. We are able to create jewelry through wax carving, wax sculpting, metal forming, and 3D printing by utilizing the most reliable tools, best-rated software, and 3D printers.

Even though our online presence is fairly new, with our store being established in June 2023, our experience and commitment to providing quality affordable fine jewelry spans more than a decade. We can affirmatively say, that we are here to stay!


Our Values & Standards 

At Hesperus Fine Jewelry, we pride ourselves on the highest possible standards in the jewelry industry. Every piece of jewelry is made with the utmost care, then passes through a four-point inspection before being sent to our customers.

We only use natural, and ethically sourced diamonds, and gemstones in our jewelry, and 80% of our gold is RECYCLED IN HOUSE. As a customer, you never have to second guess purchasing our jewelry because everything is crafted with you and the environment in mind.

We believe that jewelry is a symbol used to express one's self, as such, every piece should be crafted with the wearer in mind, and for that reason, we offer personalized services for every piece of jewelry we create and because we control the entire production process, and source your our gemstones directly from miners we are able to offer unmatched prices. Hesperus Fine Jewelry was created to share a passion for fine art expressed in the form of jewelry. 

 Mission Statement 

At Hesperus Fine Jewelry, our mission is to provide quality, unique and affordable jewelry to each of our customers. Further, we strive to bridge the gap between traditional artisanry and modern jewelry concepts by merging the two techniques in our studio. 


Our Cause 

A large portion of our sales is shared with those in need through our partnership with many organizations and private individuals who dedicated their lives towards helping others. Through our partnership, we are able to provide much-needed care to those in need within, but not limited to the Phoenix Metro Area, Arizona.


Our Studio & Office





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