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Hesperus Fine Jewelry

Custom Made Jewelry - DEPOSIT

Custom Made Jewelry - DEPOSIT

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How to place a new custom order

1. Insert images and specifications of the piece of jewelry you would like to have custom-made. (A notes field will be displayed after your submit images)

2. Add this listing to your cart and checkout.

3. Once processed, a member of our team will email you in 48 hours, to gather more information about your project, then we will provide a quote. 

4. Once you are satisfied with our pricing, we will send you a personalized link to complete payment before we begin crafting your bespoke piece. 

How to customize a product from our inventory

Screenshot the piece you would like to customize and follow the steps listed above. Customizations are limitless!

Alternatively, you are welcome to email us @ or message us on Instagram @hesperusfinejewelry where we can create a customized order link or schedule an over-the-phone appointment.

 By placing a custom order, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions 

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